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History of the University of Lodz


University of Łódź was established in May 24, 1945 as a continuation of heritage and tradition of acting in the interwar period in Lodz Teacher Training Institute (1921-1928), the Higher School of Social Sciences and Economics (1924-1928), and a branch of the Free Polish University (1928-1939). The initiator of the University of Lodz University, initially called the "State University - Free University" was prof. Theodore Vieweger, rector of the Free Polish University. The first rectors of the University of Lodz were outstanding representatives of Polish science: Tadeusz Kotarbinski, Joseph Chałasiński, Jan Szczepanski. In the academic year 1945/1946 the the University of Lodz consisted of six faculties: Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Law and Economics and the Faculty of Dentistry. There were 530 workers employed and college students started 7147, which accounted for 12.7% of the total number of students in Poland then.

Year 1945: Decree appointing University of Lodz stated that the university will consist of three divisions: Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Law and Economics. Then the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy were brought to life, which were excluded from the University of Lodz in 1950, giving foundations to the Medical University of Lodz.

Year 1945/1946: University of Lodz has already 530 academics and over 7000 students, which accounted for 12.7% of the total number of students at that time in Poland.

Year 1956: University incorporated the State Higher School of Pedagogy.

Year 1961: University incorporated Higher School of Economics, thus creating the Faculty of Economics. Three years later, the faculty, after the acquisition of sociology from the Faculty of Philosophy and History, became the Faculty of Economics and Sociology.

Year 1981: The strike of students, which led to changes in the functioning of universities and registration NZS (Independent Students Association in Poland).

Year 1989: Political change and the emergence of the independent Third Republic (III RP) led to fundamental changes in the functioning of higher education. During this time, the University of Lodz has become one of the largest universities in Poland. Thanks to the efforts and commitment of many excellent academics, it earned a reputation not only in the country but also abroad. He was , and still is, a place where you come to famous politicians, economists, lawyers, the people shaping Poland. Over the past several years, the extension of international cooperation was a top priority. There were more than 100 agreements on direct cooperation signed with universities from Europe, the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Year 1991: Incorporation of the Institute of Physical Education and Sport Physical Education in Warsaw (located in Lodz), which joined the newly created Department of Educational Sciences.

Year 1994: The Faculty of Management was brought to life.

Year 1995: Establishment of Polish-American Management Center (PAMC) in cooperation with the University of Maryland (USA). PAMC conducts highly rated in national rankings MBA studies. Cooperation with American partners resulted also in the creation at the University of Lodz  the only Centre of American Culture and Information in Poland (American Corner).

Year 1996: Faculty of Mathematics and Faculty of Physics and Chemistry were brought to life.

Year 1998: The growing interest in studies by young people outside academia has led to the creation of the Branch of the University of Lodz in Tomaszow Mazowiecki and didactic centers in Kutno, Ostrołęka, Piotrków Trybunalski, Sieradz and Skierniewice.

Year 2000: The Faculty of International and Political Studies was brought to life.

Year 2001: The Faculty of Geographical Sciences was brought to life.

Year 2003: University of Lodz is the only one higher education institution in Poland carrying out R&D tasks under the offset program in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin (USA).

Year 2004: Accession to the European Union enabled Polish scientists organising in national and international research consortia.

Years 2004-2014: University of Lodz effectively raises EU funds for the construction or modernization of their faculties: Faculty of Economics and Sociology, Faculty of Law and Administration, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Philology.

Year 2006: Opening of the new library building at the University of Lodz.

Year 2007: The Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science and Faculty of Chemistry were brought to life.

Year 2008: Public High School the University of Lodz, named after the Righteous Among the Nations, was founded.

Year 2012: The University of Lodz Nursery was established.

Year 2013: University of Lodz, in cooperation with the Lodz Special Economic Zone, establishes British International School of the University of Lodz.

Year 2014: Opening of the new building of the Faculty of Philology at Pomorska Street 171/173

Year 2015: The University celebrates its 70th anniversary!

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