VIIIth International Mini-Symposium: Huisgen Reaction as a Universal Tool in Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine

25 May 2015

Symposia from the ‘International Mini-Sympozjum on Current Problems in Organic Chemistry’ series are organized regularly at the Faculty of Chemistry, the University of Łódź since 2008 and held always close the University Day in May. This year, the Symposium will be focused on the important aspect of the modern organic synthesis – the application of the Huisgen reaction in interdisciplinary studies including chemistry, biology and medicine. Professor Rolf Huisgen, who is the inventor of this famous reaction, is now the Professor-emeritus at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. In the period of two decades 1984-2004, he published a number of papers prepared jointly with chemists from the Faculty of Chemistry in Łódź. He is awarded with the titles ‘Foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences’ and ‘Honorary Member of the Polish Chemical Society’. In 2015, professor Rolf Huisgen will celebrate his 95th birthday.

A scientific event in a series of International Mini-Symposia on Current Problems in Organic Chemistry

This year, the International Mini-Symposium on Current Problems in Organic Chemistry is organized within the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of Łódź University and will be held in buildings of the Faculty of Chemistry. The main topic is the application of the Huisgen reaction as the versatile method for synthesis of the large variety of heterocyclic compounds, which are widely explored in chemistry, biology, and medicine.

The Symposium includes 8 invited lectures presented by scientists from Poland and from abroad. The Organizing Committee received the participation confirmations from outstanding scientists, e. g. Professor Hans-Ulrich Reissig (Free University of Berlin), Professor Peter R. Schreiner (JLU University, Giessen), Professor Wolfgang Weigand (University of Jena), Professor Wafaa Abdou (National Research Center, Cairo), Professor Florence Dumarcay-Charbonnier (University de Lorraine, Nancy) and others. The University of Łódź will be represented by Dr. Marcin Jasiński from the Department of Organic and Applied Chemistry. The key lecture presenting Professor Rolf Huisgen’s fundamental work on the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions, will be held by his former Ph. D. student, Professor Hans-Ulrich Reissig from the Free University of Berlin.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee is Professor Grzegorz Mlostoń (E-mail:, and the Secretary is Professor Jarosław Romański (E-mail:

VIIIth International Mini-Symposium will be held in buildings of the Faculty of Chemistry at Tamka 12, on Monday, May 25th and starts at 1 p.m. After two lecture sessions  the event will be finished with a social event including Faculty grill party.



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